Saturday, July 26, 2008

Camie's New Power block

The Panasonic Hpx500 camera comes standard with Anton Bauer Gold Battery mount. However the battery of choice for the studio is the IDX Sony V mount. Currently we have 2x Endura 10s battery with the IDX VL 2 Plus Charger.

We ordered the IDX V-Plate (Part number: P-V2) for the endura battery system (~$106.00). Depending on your camera, they also have the IDX V-Plate S (Part number: P-VS2 with Syncron). Syncron is an automatic light control system that allows an on-board camera light to be switched on and off automatically when the camera record button is pressed. So check with your camera user manual before placing your order for the correct IDX plate. Yes, both plates have a D tap power out (max: 50w)

Changing the battery plate from the stock Anton Bauer to IDX is not as easy as I thought. The mechanics of it is easy, there are only 3 small connectors that needed to be swapped. However, what makes the swap a challenge is the space inside the camera. You REALLY have to be super delicate in order to work with the super fine tiny wires, tiny connectors in a very very very cramped space. If you have larger hands or not comfortable, I would recommend taking it to the store to have this swap change. There is no sense in breaking and damaging the 3 delicate wires inside your camera that carries the main power to your cam.

Extremely tiny workspace with delicate cables and connectors. Requires tremendous amount of patience and gentleness.
The inside of an Anton Bauer Plate. Notice the 2 connectors for the Anton Bauer plate. The IDX has 3 connectors.

There are two types of connectors or cable in a battery plate system, the big main one that carries the juice and another cable that carries information to your camera. IDX calls it their Digi-View system, and they both type 1 (shows batt capacity in 10% step) and type 2( 1% steps).

If you dont feel like operating on your camera or paying someone else to fit the IDX V-plate, you can also purchase a AB to IDX adapter plate, but due to the AB design, you will lose the Digi-View, Syncron and (I think*) the D-Tap power as well.

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