Saturday, July 26, 2008

Camie's new shoe.

After spending $14,000 on a camera body, posts like this will certainty scare the crap out of anybody. However, in order to fit a FF and mattebox, we new a new baseplate and 15mm rod support system. Based on the horror "tales from the Internet", this procedure is almost as horrific as replacing the battery plate from the stock Anton Bauer to IDX. The last thing that I need, is to pack up a new HPX500, put it on the box, insured it and ship it back to New Jersey and being without Camie (Yes, I name my camera :/ ) for 2 weeks.

There are 4 screws on each corner to be removed. After the first try with a normal 'longer' length screw driver, it is obvious that there wasn't enough torque and pressure to move the 'loctite-d" screws. Do not continue or force if this happens, as you will just strip the screws and then off to Jersey your camera with the men in brown. And absolutely no electric screw driver allowed either !

The Screw of controversy.

So, I decided to use a screw driver that has a very short shaft, so that I can put more pressure and torque with every turn. Guess what? all 4 screws came out marvelously with just some firm pressure. I would also advice you to remove the fragile viewfinder when you have your camera upside down to access the plate.

Yes, the screws were dipped in blue "temporary" locktite as reported on the internet forum but again with some dilligent, all 4 screws will/should come out perfectly. I do not have my new baseplate yet, but I guess depending on the height/thickness of the baseplate, there might be a need for new longer screws.

In conclusion, you can ignore the horror "tales from the Internet", and safetly remove the 4 screws on your camera yourself. There is no magic dealer methods, you dont need Thor to tap on the screws, no special techniques, no special philips screw drivers ....etc. Just some gentle hands (the screw's threads are fine) and common sense will surfice. However, if you are mechanically challenged, just get a 6 pack and get a more mechanically inclined friend to do it for you. With just little effort and patience, it is definitely a DIY job. It is not that big of a deal as portrayed by the others.


Warrior8445 said...

Thanks for the valuable info. Where did you obtain the Chrosziel parts for your camera? Were they expensive?


John Wee said...

You can get the Chrosziel plate from any dealers (B&H also have them here Chrosziel runs about $ 609. I know, its ridiculous, you can also get Cavision rod system for around $ 180 but I have used Cavision products before, and I will never buy or use them again.

However, I am getting a Zacuto plate system. Yes it is even more outrageously expensive then the Chrosziel but it is a universal plate being able to fit different cameras, has lifetime warranty and stuff. I will do a review on the Zacuto once I get it in hand.

Another problem for the Chroziel plate is that, it was not made specifically for the Hpx500, it was made for the Panasonic bigger camera, the Varicam, Hpx2000/3000 ..etc.

I have also seen a hpx300 laying on a peter lisand plate (, I dont really like that system but its an option that you might want to check out.