Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Different Mounting Plate Options for your 2/3" ENG cam.

I just recently discovered the DVTech ENG plate/rail system that claimedto be a universal system being able to fit different 2/3" ENG camera types. The good news is the MSRP is only $275 without the waist pole support and $330 with the waist pole support. You can find more info and/or buy it here.

I dont know about the waist pole support system and I prefer to install the traditional hand grips instead. It also uses a screwed on rods system. At $275, it is extremely reasonable. If you have experience with this plate system, do kindly share it with us please.

Another option is Peter Lisand's LCS plate system starting from $550.00. They also have the waist pole support system available with their plate system. You can find more of their products and user review here. I have seen a LCS support on a Hpx3000, and I was not impressed with the build quality and definitely the finishing is not nearly as nice and polished as the Zacuto or Chrosziel.
Peter Lisand LCS system. Notice the two short legs that allows you to lay the camera down on a flat surface.

The Chrosziel 401-89 Rod System Support for Panasonic 2/3" ENG camera. You can get this camera specific system for $609.95. If you own or have experience with the Chrosziel, please do share it with us.

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