Thursday, August 7, 2008

How To Save Some Money.

Ok so, Zacuto stuff rocks, there is no denying that fact. Unfortunately, in terms of affordability, Zacuto required that you take a second mortgage on your house. Let's say you just bought a brand new external HD LCD monitor (like the Marshall, Panasonic or the Carrion) to help you with composition/framing/focusing ..etc...etc on your camera. The Zacuto Z-American arm is pretty much the only solid option that is available on the market today. Trust me on this one, and just skip the Noga noodle nightmare.

Possibly the strongest and best articulated arm in the industry.

A new Zacuto size Large Z-American Arm V3(version 3 with the chrome balls) will run you dry for $215.00, and then you need an attachment point on both ends of the arm. A Zacuto Zicro Mount II costs $95 each. That will allow you to thread in the Zicro Mount II into the handle of your camcorder and another Zicro Mount II to thread into the bottom of your HD LCD monitor. Total costs is $405.00 and now you have weight that has a high center of gravity that will wreck havoc to your tripod head.

A better method is to have the HD Monitor close to your tripod center of gravity. In order to achieve that, you need the Zacuto Z-mount II at $144.00, now your total becomes $454.00 ($215 (arm) + $95 (Zicro mount II) + $144 (Z-mount) ). Yikessss !!

Ok, now, all you need is 2x Redrock new micro mount at $40 each and you are all set. This setup is not only cheaper but gives you more options than the Zacuto system.
Step 1: Slide a Redrock Micro Mount to one end of the Zacuto Z-American Arm and thread your HD LCD Monitor into the stud. Tighten both levers and you are all set to go.

You have 2 choices for Step 2 with the Redorock Micro Mount.

Option (A) Mount the micro mount into the rod and then slide your Zacuto Z-American arm into the 15mm slot and then tighten the lever.

Now you can slide the Redrock Micro mount into the rear of your baseplate's rod. This setup also helps you counter balance your front heavy 35mm rigs. Use a bigger battery on your HD LCD monitor to get more counter balance weight.

Option (B) Mount the Redrock Micro Mount upside down and then thread the stud into your camcorder's handlebar.

You can get two RedRock Micro Mount for $80.00 or a pack of 3 Redrock Micro Mount for $ 100.00. Add the $215 Zacuto Z-Americam Arm (large) and you have a complete setup for only $280.00. This setup also allows you to have both setup options (Rod mounting or Handlebar thread mounting) unlike the Zacuto's.

The $144 Zacuto Z Mount II which basically has the same functionality as the $40 RedRock Micro Mount.

The $144 orginal Z-Mount which again has the exact same ultility and functionality of the $40 Redrock Micro Mount. Yes, the Zacuto is CNC machined and the levers are red anodized, but I can live with the plain jane Redrock Micro Mount just fine.


Brett said...

The Redrock microMounts are also CNC machined. They are a different design is all.

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