Tuesday, August 12, 2008

'Four Years' a 35mm Memphis short film Part I

Have you ever been to a shoot where everything is just jiving together perfectly with radiating positive energy; and you cant wait to wake up next day and work some more on the set ? I am truly blessed to have the privileged to meet & work with these group of talented filmmakers on the set of 'Four Years'.

Jim Exton, the Director, Producer and Cam Op and inventor of the ingenious JE dolly slider.

Stephen Leet the DP with his China Balls and some duventyne.

Matthew Bowling, grip; on the outdoor night scene.

James Buchanan, the lead actor.

The Arriflex BL-2 35mm Camera with prime lens.

Jim checking his shot list.

Jim framing and compositing on the first scene of 'Four Years'.

Shooting continues Aug 16th + 17th 2008.

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